Just Redwood: New TV Campaign Showcases the Quality of Redwood

Humboldt Redwood, based in Windsor, Calif, has recently launched a new television advertising campaign showcasing the natural beauty, design value, and quality of redwood.

Working with barrettSF, Humboldt Redwood created a series of :15 and :30 second spots that focus on the advantages of using redwood, both indoors and outdoors, in home design. These spots started airing on Memorial Day throughout the Western United States and can be seen on cable networks such as ESPN, CNN, HGTV and A&E, as well as during live sporting events including MLB baseball games and NFL pre-season. The campaign will run through September.

The campaign, titled “Just Redwood”, hopes to inspire West Coast consumers, architects, contractors, and landscape designers and present the natural beauty of the wood in both indoor and outdoor settings. The campaign also features a variety of redwood products, such as timbers, posts, beams and finish-grade lumber.

“The ‘Just Redwood’ campaign is designed to showcase the beauty of redwood as a versatile building material,” said Jessica Hewitt, Director of Marketing for Humboldt Redwood. “The campaign’s simplicity lets viewers see the product for what it is, a naturally beautiful, California resource. The campaign is also a really great way to get people to think about redwood in a greater capacity than just decks.”

One of the lightest, yet structurally strong, natural wood species found in North America, redwood can be used in a wide variety of designs. Redwood also has excellent strength and durability, shrinks and swells less than other woods, and is less likely to warp or split. Each piece of redwood lumber is naturally unique, with its own grain, color and texture.

Humboldt Redwood Company, LLC (HRC) was created in 2008 from lands purchased in Humboldt County, California with the publicly declared mission to be good stewards of the forest and at the same time run a successful business. We have made significant progress in that regard:

1. Adopting policies to make HRCs forestlands FSC(R) certified;

2. Adding more than 500 million board feet of redwood and Douglas fir trees by lowering the rate of harvest;

3. Defining of old growth down to the level of an individual tree, along with implementation of a policy to protect all individual old growth trees across our property;

4. Elimination of traditional clear cutting from our property;

5. Long term investments to improve habitat for fish across the property by controlling or holding back over 434,324 cubic yards or 43,432 truckloads of sediment from the coastal streams flowing through our forest;

6. Upgrading of over 500 miles of roads including over 1,500 watercourse crossings;

7. Operating as an open and transparent business; including an open invitation to take interested individuals anywhere in the forest;

8. Completing a substantial rebuild of our Scotia sawmill, assuring that Humboldt County will have infrastructure in the processing of wood products for many years to come; and

9. Employing over 250 skilled employees in Humboldt County earning family-level wages and benefits.