Iteris and SST Software Partner to Deliver Advanced Agronomic Insights

“The integration of Iteris’ ClearAg Platform content into the SST system will provide our customers with the precision weather-based information needed to minimize risks and maximize productivity,” said Beth Clarke, director of product management at SST Software.

Weather is one of the largest external pivot factors in precision agriculture. As a result, knowledge of historical and impending weather impacts is critical. ClearAg content will provide SST users with relevant agronomic weather insights for better decision-making. ClearAg content includes crop canopy and field-level weather insights, available anywhere globally.

“We are excited to provide SST’s customers with access to Iteris’ smart farming content through the ClearAg Service,” said Tom Blair, senior vice president of Iteris’ Performance Analytics Division. “The ClearAg Service leverages robust agronomic and proprietary land surface models, and machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques that dynamically learn about specific farm operations to continually improve decision support analytics. Iteris’ partnership with SST Software means users can access relevant agronomic data for real-time decision making in context to current, forecasted, and historical conditions. ”

SST Software will offer ClearAg agronomic content to their customers in the Fall 2016. The Fall transition will be the initial step toward a complete offering of Iteris’ ClearAg crop health models to SST users.

The ClearAg Service is powered by Iteris EMPower(TM) Platform-an adaptive forecasting engine for precision farming that combines weather and agronomic data with machine learning technology. As Iteris’ EMPower Engine learns about a grower’s farm, fields, and crops through their use of the ClearAg Service, its adaptive engine recalibrates to provide the most precise and relevant data for specific field operations. As real-time weather events appear in the forecast, the ClearAg Service provides actionable insights, enabling real-time decisions in context to current, forecasted, and historical conditions.