Nanoosh Hosts 5 Free Pop-Up Falafel Tasting Bars

New Yorkers can get ready for summer with a taste of the Mediterranean this Friday as Nanoosh celebrates International Falafel Day with free pop-up baked falafel tasting bars at all of their five Manhattan locations (from 3-6pm). This year International Falafel Day (June 12th), falls on a Sunday, but Nanoosh simply can’t wait to celebrate this delicious Mediterranean delicacy with their own special flair.

Each tasting bar will feature three pieces of their unique baked falafel-a healthy twist on the traditional deep-fried falafel recipe-alongside fresh housemade hummus, pickles, and a trio of tahini, habanero, and green pepper sauces. This fresh take on a timeless Mediterranean dish might lack some of the crunch of traditional falafel, but the rich blend of herbs and spices, quality ingredients, and healthy preparation are sure to satisfy die-hard falafel fanatics and curious first-timers alike.

The art of making delicious, flavorful food starts with the origin of the ingredients, and nowhere else has more flavorful, wholesome ingredients than the Mediterranean. Nanoosh prides itself on using organic ingredients straight from the source whenever possible, and every falafel dish on their menu-from wraps to Powerfood Plates-is made with 100% organic chickpeas, sourced from traditional farmers in the Mediterranean. Simple, timeless, and delicious.

Nanoosh uses no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavors or fillers of any kind. Every aspect of Mediterranean culture and cuisine shape what Nanoosh is today-authentic, homemade food that’s as good for us as it is for our world. The baked falafel at Nanoosh is 100% vegan, and this commitment to quality is a reflection of the care that goes into every dish. Their promise to their customers is simply good food one can feel good about eating.

Nanoosh is bringing Mediterranean Goodness(R) to the fast casual dining space with fresh, organic and all-natural ingredients prepared from scratch each day. There’s simply no better way to experience the rich flavors and elegant simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine than by tasting one of its most beloved dishes with a healthy modern twist-baked falafel.

Nanoosh is celebrating International Falafel Day with free tasting bars at all five of their Manhattan locations at: Rockefeller Center, Madison Avenue, the Garment District, and Lincoln Center, and University Place from 3pm – 6pm, Friday, June 10th, 2016.

Since 2007, Nanoosh has served Mediterranean food with superior ingredient sourcing and healthier preparations in a warm inviting atmosphere. Inspired by a lifestyle and culinary culture already famed for their longevity and good taste, Nanoosh has made variety, freshness and healthier cooking techniques into a winning Mediterranean fast casual concept perfect for business lunches, healthy meals on-the-go, family dinners, or catering. Nanoosh uses no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavors or fillers. Their promise to their customers is simply good food one can feel good about. With multiple locations in New York, and Europe and more on the way, Nanoosh is the best choice for a fast casual breakfast, lunch or dinner that’s both healthy and delicious.