Agrible, Inc. Joins Field to Market to Pursue Sustainable Sourcing Initiatives

Working together with grower organizations, academia, conservation groups, public sector partners and leading companies engaged in the Alliance, Agrible will help to catalyze opportunities for continuous improvement in productivity, environmental quality and human well-being across the agricultural value chain.

Field to Market engages in broad communication and collaboration with stakeholders to ensure a coordinated, outcomes-based approach to sustainable agriculture that is grounded in science. By providing useful measurement tools and resources, Field to Market helps growers and the supply chain track and promote continuous improvement at the field and landscape levels.

Agrible creates actionable predictive analytics tools that help growers all over the world become more sustainable and productive. We forecast how weather will impact a range of crops, agricultural operations, and economic decisions. We aim to simplify big data, to innovate within existing production methods, and to be the leading voice of recommendations for our agricultural partners. Above all, we value the role of the farmer and work tirelessly to bring the most accurate, practical information to those who need it.

SOURCE Agrible, Inc.