Rockview Launches New Website on World Milk Day to Promote Awareness of Benefits of Dairy in S. Cal Community

Downey, Calif. (PRWEB) June 01, 2016

Rockview Family Farms, a family-owned and -operated Southern California dairy for more than 50 years, announced the launch of its new consumer-focused website today-World Milk Day-in a strategic move to promote local awareness of the ways milk, an important factor in world health and global economics, also benefits the Southern California community. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) held the first World Milk Day on June 1, 2001.

Rockview Farms Sales Manager Curt DeGroot said, “Rockview is in the middle of a big growth phase this year, which is generating a lot of attention. We wanted to leverage the buzz to promote the importance of milk and dairy in our local community. We’ve been doing business here for over 50 years, and our milk has been served to children in local schools for 44 of those years. The contribution dairy products make to growing healthy bodies hits close to home. To us, what we do is a lot more than making products and selling them for profit. We consider Southern California our home and our customers and partners, family. World Milk Day was created to provide a platform for calling attention to the importance of milk from global health and economic perspectives, yielding the perfect opportunity for our new website launch.”


Rockview also intends for the consumer-focused website to support economics on a local scale by boosting the connection between customers and distributors. “Milk is one of the most important agricultural products in the world, America is one of the largest producers globally and California is the largest producer in America,” DeGroot said. “This industry is a significant strength for all of us and holds great potential to boost local businesses and support local economics-that’s what we want to do.”

To help strengthen the connection between distributors and consumers, the new site includes a ZIP-code driven product locator, which is linked on every page of the site. A customer looking for Rockview products nearby can visit the site, click on a locator link from any page, and enter their ZIP code to generate a list of local businesses carrying that product. Each location listed includes complete contact information and appears on the locator map.

Johnson said the new site was also designed to create a consumer community. Latest MOOS is the site’s social hub where each day’s Facebook and Instagram posts populate automatically, and users can easily engage with the company and community through an on-page Twitter interface. Latest MOOS also includes a blog with content ranging from company news and announcements to the latest nutritional research.

Rockview included a detailed FAQs section on the new site, which they hope will address the questions of modern consumers. “Consumers are thinking about what they’re serving their families these days, and with this comes a lot of important questions about the foods they put on the breakfast table and the companies they support,” Johnson said. “We made sure our new FAQs page addresses the most important of those questions and concerns-everything from kids’ health to farming ethics and sustainability.”

The Nutrition and Products pages are also populated with detailed information about the company’s offerings, including full nutritional information and answers to hot-button nutrition-related questions.

According to Johnson, the community building aspect of Rockview’s outreach plan will culminate in the Rockview Farms College Scholarship-a nomination-based scholarship program set to launch this summer via the company’s Facebook page.

About Rockview Farms: Rockview Family Farms has been family-owned and -operated by the DeGroot family in Southern California for more than 50 years. The company owns its farms and cows and remains committed to the old world approach to customer service first instituted by family patriarch and Dutch immigrant entrepreneur Pete DeGroot. Today, Rockview produces and distributes a large variety of top-quality, healthy products in the food service, institutional, manufacturing, and retail sales industries.