Wellington”s Fine Leather Furniture Supports American Made Products Over Imports

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture has offered an informative article on the topic of comparing American-made furniture over cheap imports.

The expansion of the internet to provide access to manufacturers throughout the globe has brought about increasing choices. For the decision between imported and domestic furniture, there are still quality implications. According to the owners at Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture there is no way that imported furniture can stack up to American made? The great American furniture manufacturers still hold the top spots for quality and pedigree.

A strong reason for purchasing American furniture products is the economic effect. Over the past twenty years, the industry has been in decline due to inexpensive competition from China and Thailand. It is true that the prices of leather furniture have gone down from what they were four decades ago. Buyers will need to think about the quality standards of cheap pieces, as they may require more repairs and more frequent replacement.

Another factor which places American-made products at a higher ranking is the ecological impact. Furniture manufacturers in some countries such as Laos use illegal logging as a way to reduce costs. As the rain-forests disappear, there is increased pressure on certain endangered species. Plant species as well as animal species are disappearing. Indigenous peoples may also be negatively affected as their homes, food sources, and comfort is limited by the illegal practices in the name of money.

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