From Finding Civil War Letters in the Attic to the Andover Bookstore Launch Party

A book launch party and signing of Ellen B. Alden’s novel, Yours Faithfully, Florence Burke, will take place Thursday June 16, 2016 (6-8pm) at the Andover Bookstore/Village Courtyard in Andover MA. Festivities will include Irish music and exhibits.

Author and Teacher, Ellen B. Alden, will be present to discuss how she developed her story ideas based on the hard-scrabble lives of her ancestors during the Civil War. In her compelling new novel, Yours Faithfully, Florence Burke, Alden reveals the secrets contained in nineteen original letters, written by her great-great grandfather that she happened upon in her attic.

Ellen Alden was sifting through her attic and discovered a leather box filled with Civil War era letters from her great, great grandfather. These letters written to his wife and children from the lines of the Virginia battlefields, tells the story of an Irish immigrant farmer forced to seek a better life in America. Similar to the challenges that immigrants still face today, this story speaks of the sacrifices families make to improve their lives.