New “Borrowing” App Lets Users Invest In The Experience, Not The Equipment

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 02, 2016

There are countless situations in life where you just need to borrow something for one-time use and not spend the money to own (and store) that item; honey do-lists, forgotten items on vacation, annual maintenance projects. This common problem shall soon be a thing of the past.

It’s Borrowed, the first of it’s kind mobile app, connects borrowers to lenders in a digital community setting. The App, currently in mid-stage phases of development, looks to hit the Android and Apple marketplaces by late Summer.

Founder Mike Jacobsen admits, “The idea for It’s Borrowed came about while on a business trip. I had a need for a pair of golf shoes but didn’t want to buy a new pair for $100. Nothing existed to help my problem so we decided to fix the problem ourselves.”

It’s Borrowed allows “lenders” to earn revenue from items that just sit in their closets or garage while “borrowers” to cut down on useless spending on items they use once or twice a year, if that.

Lenders will be able to set up “rental stores”, their own digital lending space where they can add multiple items available for borrowing. In a transaction based service/product community the rating system is the unofficial “trust” law. Borrowers can rate lenders and vice-versa. This self-policing system keeps It’s Borrowed a quality and trustworthy digital landscape.

It’s Borrowed can be a free download and clutter free mobile application through its “transaction fee” business model, taking a small percentage from each side of the lender/borrower process.

It’s Borrowed CTO Peter Franklin, current CEO of Infuse and My Roundup, has been at Microsoft and was instrumental in the Farmville project at Zynga. Peter’s team at Infuse is doing an amazing job building the It’s Borrowed App.

On June 2, It’s Borrowed launches an IndieGoGo campaign to raise second stage capital. While first round funding has been secured, launching an IndieGoGo campaign not only helps raise more project capital but gives the project public exposure on the popular crowd-funding website.

Any media inquiries can be submitted directly to Mike Jacobsen at mj(at)itsborrowed(dot)com