FreshRealm: Innovative Meal Kit Delivery Service Expands National Reach

Unlike other food delivery services, FreshRealm is able to deliver fully-prepped (cut and portioned), farm-fresh and ready-to-cook ingredients right to your doorstep, reducing consumers’ waste footprint by approximately 90 percent in the process. All meals are delivered in FreshRealm’s patent-pending Vessel – a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art, reusable shipping container that keeps fresh food at refrigerated levels of 33 to 41 degrees. The revolutionary, eco-friendly shipping technology enables FreshRealm and its partners to deliver prepped (cut and portioned) perishable foods to customers through FedEx, reducing the worry of food spoilage and foodborne illnesses relative to other vendors who ship perishable food in basic cardboard boxes. Also unlike normal boxes, meals are neatly organized in elegant pullout shelves, as opposed to being buried in mounds of dry or wet ice. Once the Vessel is delivered and unpacked, consumers peel off the original shipping label to reveal a prepaid return label underneath for hassle-free, automatic pickup by FedEx.

Each month, families spend the equivalent of up to two full eight-hour workdays preparing meals. The FreshRealm model allows customers to cut meal preparation time in half by eliminating the need to cut and portion fresh ingredients like bell peppers, squash and pineapple.

FreshRealm’s success is also due to its exclusive partnership with Renaissance Food Group, a leading company that produces, markets and distributes a portfolio of high-quality, pre-prepared, fresh food products across the country.

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SOURCE FreshRealm