Philips Lighting Pledges to the World”s Energy Ministers to Sell More Than Two Billion LED Light Bulbs by 2020

In support of the Global Lighting Challenge, Philips Lighting makes a commitment to sell more than 2 billion LED light bulbs by 2020 which would save energy equivalent to decommissioning 60 medium-sized coal-fired power stations. Credit: Philips Lighting

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is a forum of countries working together to accelerate the global transition to clean energy. Speaking later today at its summit in San Francisco, Bill Bien, Head of Strategy for Philips Lighting commented, “We plan to turn the agreement at the COP21 UN Climate Change Summit in Paris into tangible action. Energy efficiency is the low-hanging fruit in the fight against climate change. Delivering on this pledge will be positive for our environment as well as the global economy, resulting in energy savings of around EUR 12 billion annually by 2020 that could be invested elsewhere. The clock is ticking for humanity — action is needed now before it’s too late.”

Key to achieving carbon neutrality is the use of energy from renewables and driving down carbon emissions in operations and logistics. Philips Lighting reported progress in the US where it expects electricity for its operation to be 100% carbon neutral this year thanks to a power purchase agreement from the Hidalgo Wind Farm in McCook, Texas.