Eric Wynalda Anti-Aging IGF-1 Nutraceutical Testimonial Video Released by BioLab Naturals

BioLab Naturals explains that the body works to constantly replace cells, but the process slows down with aging. Damaged cells build up, affecting organ function as tissue structures are disrupted. Products such as AGF Deer Antler Velvet contain IGF-1, which stands for ‘insulin like growth factor.’ IGF-1 is a hormone that the body produces naturally; but as we age, more is required. It works at the cellular level, where aging happens, to improve joint health and the immune system, increase energy levels, and speed up recovery times after an injury or workout. In addition, it slows the aging process by supplying the body with the growth factors which increase the production of collagen for younger looking skin, amino acids, and the fatty acids it needs to generate new, fully-functional cells.

BioLab Naturals says that as well as aiding recovery and regeneration, deer antler velvet improves mood, memory, and mental acuity, and helps improve body composition. Rather than tackling graying hair or wrinkles, they claim that taking AGF Deer Antler Velvet is a healthy way to tackle the aging process in a natural way. It appears that Eric Wynalda agrees; he feels better able to meet the demands of his five children and he has even recommended it to his team-mates – from whom he has received extremely positive feedback.

Bio Lab Naturals is a developer, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of dietary supplements with a concentration on supplements that utilize Velvet Antler Extract or VAE. VAE is humanely farmed from live deer and elk by their vendors on farms located in the mid-western United States. This type of dietary supplement has a long history of usage in India, Asia, and Russia for support of good health, muscle recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

A constituent of Velvet Antler Extract is insulin-like growth factor 1 (“IGF-1”). Peer-reviewed research demonstrates that IGF-1 is a polypeptide that plays important physiological roles in the regulation of hormones, muscle hypertrophy, prevention of muscle atrophy, and bone health and growth. Deficiencies of IGF-1 have been negatively associated with cognitive decline, muscle loss, unhealthy weight loss, and decreased growth in general.

Velvet Antler Extract has uses ranging from safe anti-aging solutions to enhancing the muscular recovery process for many elite athletes. Bio Lab Naturalsis a leader in the development and sale of high-quality and safe dietary supplements that utilize Velvet Antler Extract. The dietary supplements they offer is formulated for health conscious individuals to supplement their diets and provide nutrients, such as vitamins, fiber, fatty acids and amino acids that are missing in today’s processed food offerings.

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