Dundee Corporation Acquires Further Interest in Formation Metals Inc.

Immediately prior to the acquisition of securities described in this report, Dundee owned 15,519,500 Common Shares representing an approximate 17.06% interest in the Issuer. Immediately following the transaction that triggered the requirement to file this report, Dundee owns 16,352,900 Common Shares and 416,700 Warrants, representing an approximate 15.47% interest in the Issuer on an undiluted basis and a 15.80% interest on a partially diluted basis.

Dundee acquired the Units of the Issuer for investment purposes only. Dundee intends to review, on a continuous basis, various factors related to its investment, including (but not limited to) the price and availability of the securities of the Issuer, subsequent developments affecting the Issuer or its business, and the general market and economic conditions. Based upon these and other factors, Dundee may decide to purchase additional securities of the Issuer or may decide in the future to sell all or part of its investments.

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