Twelve Oaks Roofing Announce the Launch Of Free Roofing Inspections In Michigan

Twelve Oaks Roofing based in Novi, Michigan has today announced they are offering free roofing inspections to help people avoid expensive replacement roofing repairs and damage to their home. The service allows the homeowner or commercial outlet to have their roof checked for free to determine if there is any minor or major damage to the roof. The free service can help homeowners avoid the cost of having a full replacement roof, which can cost more than $12,000.

Householders check their homes on a regular basis for cracks, leaks, and other damage. However, many householders ignore the roof and having it checked which is a huge mistake according to building experts. By ignoring the roof and not having it checked, it could result in expensive damage being caused to the home, which could have been avoided by having an inspection of the roof.

For people who live in cities that include Wixom, West Bloomfield, Northville, Walled Lake, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Novi, and South Lyon, Michigan, the change in weather can take its toll on the roof. In the summer, the heat can cause shingles to curl and deteriorate according to a spokesman for Twelve Oaks Roofing. In the fall, heavy rains could cause leaks and leaves, branches and other debris could cause problems by blocking the gutters and impede ventilation. The Michigan roofing company also explained that wintertime with the heavy snow and bad weather could put the roof under stress, which could result in damage. By having the roof inspected, it could result in the roofing inspectors spotting a small problem and avoiding it becoming a major problem, which saves the homeowner money.

Twelve Oaks Roofing, who has become one of the most recommended roofing companies in Michigan, offer a free roofing inspection that checks all the roof including the gutters to check the state of the roof and help the homeowner avoid expensive repairs. The Inspection which comes with a full report helps the homeowner safeguard their biggest investment.

A spokesman for Twelve Oaks Roofing said: “Even the small tear in a roof can cause a serious problem if left untreated. It is important to find out the state of the roof to stop any minor damage becoming a major expensive problem.”

The roofing inspection in Michigan gives the homeowner the peace of mind of knowing they are living in a safe structure, proving them with the knowledge that they are safe from bad weather and do not have to worry about leaks when the heavy rain arrives.

Twelve Oaks Roofing are a professional roofing company that provides their customers with professional and affordable roofing services.