The Bank of Lanzhou Cup Lanzhou International Marathon 2016 to Take Place on June 11

The event has attracted much attention from marathon runners nationwide. This year’s marathon, being the 5th, inaugurates the next five-year cycle of the event.

In addition to the uniform provided to runners for the event, the organizing committee has joined hands with Qiaodan whereby the sports accessories maker is providing a customized limited edition sports vest to all full marathon contestants. The vests will be hand-washed, with all loose threads painstakingly removed, prior to being handed over to the runners. Following the washing, the vest will have a distinctly softer feel, be more pleasing to the eye as a result of the careful workmanship, and feature a visibly better body fit for the runner. Of note is that the Lanzhou Marathon would be the world’s first event to pre-wash the clothes for the marathon runners!

At the beginning of the event, the organizing committee plans to recruit environmental protection volunteers who will collect any trash that has been discarded along the route as well as make participants and bystanders aware of the importance of environmental protection.

In addition, the Lanzhou Marathon plans to continue working with Million Forest on site to carry out a series of public educational activities meant to raise environmental consciousness among the general public, with an emphasis on the topic of how to best combat desertification. The organizing committee will also donate a tree in support of reforestation for each runner who has finished the course.


The organizing committee has made the event available to audiences worldwide through a live webcast since the 2014 event. On the day of the marathon, Weibo will be used to release live images and accompanying text.

The organizing committee has overhauled the structure of the webcast programming through the formation of an “event micro-filming group” for the 2016 event, highlighting the marathon’s most exciting and newsworthy moments, with the expectation that the marathon and its most eye-catching segments become some of the microblog’s most trending topics.

SOURCE Organizing Committee of Lanzhou International Marathon