Danica Patrick To Serve As National Spokesperson For Life Insurance Awareness Month In September

Her message is straightforward. “Driving racecars is risky. Not having life insurance is riskier. It means leaving your loved ones to suffer financially if something happened to you,” said Patrick. And that is something her family knows firsthand. Both her parents lost their fathers when they were teens. Neither had life insurance. Patrick’s mom was one of five kids and remembers her mom-Patrick’s grandmother-having to sell off most of the family farm as a result.

Patrick’s parents reinforced to her and her sister the importance of planning for the unexpected with emergency savings and life insurance.

Research shows that a majority of Americans recognize the importance of life insurance and understand they need more protection, but are not making moves to purchase a policy. According to the same Barometer Study, while nearly nine in 10 consumers (86 percent) agree that most people need life insurance, national ownership levels of life insurance remain near record lows.

“My parents made a point to instill financial responsibility in both my sister and me at a young age, to avoid the financial hardships they had endured as kids,” Patrick said.

As one of the most distinguished race car drivers today, Patrick understands what it takes to compete at the highest level and takes tremendous risks doing so. She continually works to fine tune her skills and improve her fitness, in an effort to increase her chance of victory and decrease any chance of injury. Off of the track, Patrick implements many of these same practices to protect herself and her loved ones. After all, there are some risks that are just not worth taking, which is why she made her life insurance policy such a priority.

“I may have a risky job that not many people feel that they can relate to – after all, I race a car around a track with concrete walls at 200 mph. But the greatest risk of all is not having life insurance to take care of your loved ones should something happen to you,” Patrick said. “It is a risk that no one should take.”

Through its partnership with Patrick, Life Happens hopes to increase that number and encourage more families to get financially protected.

SOURCE Life Happens