Indoor Farms of America: Canada Now Fully Covered For Local Vertical Farm Access, First Accessible Farm Delivered

The founders of Indoor Farms of America spent nearly 2 years in R&D developing a comprehensive array of –now with multiple patents awarded– reliable, economically viable high yield vertical aeroponic crop growing equipment which provides a much more affordable means to grow a variety of crops in a sustainable manner, literally anywhere in the world.

Response to all the Company offerings has been overwhelming, says Martin. “We are appreciative of all the visitors to our facility, in these first few months of production, and it is reflected in the numerous sales we have made of our equipment to entities in the U.S. and around the world, as we launch our marketing campaigns and bring distribution to areas that want and need it.”

“When we have engineers tell us we represent a far better value, very highly engineered and quality product, and a more strategic partnership than going it alone and attempting to do their own thing, we know we are doing our job,” stated Martin.

SOURCE Indoor Farms of America