Segra Enters Market With Worlds Most Comprehensive Solution for Growing Cannabis

VANCOUVER, BC — (Marketwired) — 06/06/16 — Segra Biogenesis Corp. is pleased to announce the release of its comprehensive Cannabis growing system, V.2.0, designed specifically to address such recurring, industry-wide problems as product quality, bio contamination, and the use of pesticides.

Additional System Components currently available, include:

Research has indicated that most current growing practices will become clear liabilities as the industry comes under increasing regulatory scrutiny. We believe the Segra System addresses the vast majority of both current and future issues.

Segra is a Cannabis science company focused on the standardization of Cannabis for both the medical and adult recreational markets. Our team is driven by experience in research, and development work in medicine, genetics, cultivation techniques, natural medicines, biochemistry, agriculture, and information technology.

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