York PA Small Tobacco Brand Enjoys FDA Grandfather Status

The Brand is currently seeking a dedicated nationwide distributor as it continues to resume establishing market share across the country.

Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco made the choice to stay classified cigarette tobacco and not change to a much lower taxed pipe tobacco classification after February of 2007 with the passage of SCHIP. Their competition changed to a much lower pipe tobacco class to take advantage of the loophole SCHIP created.

Competing brands were selling cigarette tobacco in bags labeled “pipe tobacco”. With the same brand cigarette tubes and machines to make cigarettes with their “pipe tobacco” it was obviously cigarette tobacco.

Because of regulations that applied to cigarette tobacco but not to pipe tobacco Custom Blends watched over the years as their competition in the loophole sold cheap tobacco with unregulated internet sales and deceptive product sold in deceptive packaging. Custom Blends retained quality conscious customers in their local stores that stayed loyal to the brand despite the extra cost.

SOURCE Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco