Pest control gives an indepth look at Carpenter ants being the most common and destructive pests in the Seattle area.

Frequently inspection of wooden structures for moisture or rot. Remove piles of leaves from aroundfoundations and keep trees trimmed away from the house. Make sure that anyopenings where pipes or wires enter the structure of the house are tightlysealed. Caulk any cracks in foundations. Also, be sure to fix leakyplumbing or gutters as soon as possible to keep wood dry and inhospitableto the ants.

Seattle damp weather is ideal for carpenter ants:

Due to Seattle’s damp conditions, carpenter ants are prevalent. Ants mayfind a way into the home in Seattle, Bellevue, or any of the surrounding king county areas, even after taking these measures. An initial treatment with periodicfollow-ups will help protect the home and provide a much needed barrieragainst carpenter ant infestation. Treating before the ants invade is muchmore economical than waiting until there is a full-blown colony creatingstructural damage.

Carpenter ants cause damage to homes:

The ants are the most commonly encountered wood destroying insects in theNorthwest. The pests are responsible for damage to thousands of homes eachyear. The damage can be limited to a fence post or it can be extensive,costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair one house. Therefore, it isimportant to protect homes and other structures from these destructivepests and a Pest Control company like AMPM can get the job done.

Where carpenter ants can be located:

Importantly, carpenter ants only rarely traverse through the interior of astructure. Unfortunately, people may think there is not a problem becauseof not seeing the ants insid but carpenter ants nest in wall voids andother structural framing and forage outdoors for food. This leaves manypeople with a false sense of security, thinking there is not an infestationproblem. But the carpenter ants continue to thrive within the walls andfarming causing destruction over time.Carpenter Ants may cause havoc on homes or businesses.

When the infestation is discovered call AM Exterminators for your pestcontrol needs. AmPm Exterminators serves the Greater Seattle Area.Professional technicians provide pest control services for the antinfestation. AmPm technicians will make every effort to locate anyexisting Carpenter ant colonies nesting within the home as well as nestingsites in trees, stumps, woodpiles or outbuildings on the property. Inaddition, the technicians will provide a written report detailing nestingsites and points of entry as well as alert the client to conditionsconducive to Carpenter ant infestations.