Comparable to California’s Napa Valley for wine, China’s Dahongshan Region is known to have the perfect micro-climate for growing full flavored Shiitake Mushrooms. With temperatures getting as low as 20F at night and high as 65F at noon it is universally known that mushrooms grown in this region are the best tasting in the world.

With state-of-the-art processing and packaging facilities, Yuguo Farms recently received a 99.5% Costco Food and Quality GMP audit score conducted by SGS. Every batch of mushrooms produced goes through vigorous cleaning and quality control before going to market.

Instead of using whole logs to grow a few mushrooms, Yuguo Farms has developed environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques that utilize sterile solid wood chips from long-term sustainable forests, packed inside sleeves to produce more mushrooms with minimal environmental impact.

Yuguo Farms takes great pride in their support of local farms and families. By using contracted, independent farms Yuguo Farms benefits the entire community. Workers are provided with training, funding, and the tools required to grow the highest quality mushrooms for commercial consumption, all while maintaining their independence. Community members and families benefit from Yuguo Farms contributions towards housing development, local schools and health clinics.

Each batch of shiitake mushrooms are naturally grown and certified Non-GMO. All farming practices and techniques are sustainable and environmentally safe.