MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography Solutions receives the Innovators Award 2016

A panel of highly respected judges, consisting of experts from systems integrators and end-user companies, awarded MoviTHERM with a silver level award.

There are two models of the MIO, one for FLIR AX8 cameras and one for FLIR A310(f) cameras. The MIO module has a built-in webserver that allows for easy configuration without the need for additional software. Each module comes with 8 digital alarm outputs and 8 Channels of 4 to 20mA outputs. These outputs can be assigned to any of the connected cameras. Once the MIO is connected to one or more cameras, it starts monitoring the camera’s internal region of interest. Each MIO Series Intelligent I/O module supports up to seven FLIR cameras. Systems can be easily expanded by adding additional MIO modules.

MoviTHERM is an authorized FLIR Systems, Inc. distributor, integrator, solutions provider and product development company. The company offers thermal cameras and thermal imaging solutions for remote monitoring, automated imaging and non-destructive testing. Industries served are: Aerospace, General Manufacturing, Steel, Food, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Academia, Paper & Plastic and others.