Duck, Duck, GOOSE! – Toyota Tagged to Receive Keystone Leadership in Environment Award

“Protecting species biodiversity is a key focus area for Toyota North America,” said Kevin Butt, regional director, North American environmental division. “Our team members are doing their part to ensure Toyota operates in harmony with its environment and supports healthy ecosystems for future generations to come.”

The WHC’s Corporate Wildlife Habitat Certification/International Accreditation Program recognizes commendable wildlife habitat management and environmental education programs. Sites must demonstrate programs have been active for at least one year and have a management plan listing goals, objectives and prescriptions as well as complete documentation of all programs. A panel of WHC wildlife biologists and staff reviews the materials for certification eligibility and recognizes deserving projects in appropriate categories.

The Keystone Policy Center established its Leadership Awards program in 1994 to recognize extraordinary leadership by individuals and companies whose work embraces the nonprofit’s model, spirit and mission: inspiring critical thinking, seeking multiple perspectives in decision-making and advancing public policy. The Keystone Policy Center presents awards each year in various categories within its areas of practice including energy, environment, agriculture, public health, and education. Keystone also recognizes leaders in government and those who have an impact in the public interest.