Kids Trail Launches New Travel Adventure Game for Families this Summer 2016

Winchester, Virginia (PRWEB) June 09, 2016

“Bucket” has a “Nancy Drew” personality. Inquisitive, not scared of much, and very adventurous, Bucket loves to solve a mystery. As a ten-year-old girl, Bucket is the leader of the Fitness-Outdoor Adventure card.

“Shenny” is a girl loving all things beautiful, and like Bucket, is a decade in age. Shenny loves new ideas and leads kids through the Creativity Card. Shenny avoids getting dirty at all costs. Her clothes choice (if she wasn’t a snail) would be stilettos and beautiful jewelry. Obviously stilettos are not the best shoe choice for Bucket’s outdoor adventure trip.

“Ridge” is a guy who is all about the digital world. Very much a nerd. Ridge scarcely goes outdoors. Bucket does an incredible job of “getting him out of his shell”, and enjoying the cool things around him. Ridge’s card is History. Not opposed to doing research to discover the past, Ridge is younger – more eight and tags along with the girls, but never without one of this digital devices.

“Fungi” is definitely all about food. Being twelve, Fungi is the oldest of his companions. As a mushroom, Fungi is drawn to the farms and food’s cycle to the plate. His card is wellness and he enjoys exploring all of the unique food places of the valley, while stuffing himself with their delicious food along the way.

Each card has between four and five activities that must be completed to win a prize from the sponsor of the card as well as being entered into the FREE Family Weekend Sweepstakes drawing.

One lucky family of four will win a 48 hour trip to the Shenandoah Valley with an itinerary customized for their family by the Kids Trail concierge. There are also many other prizes that sweepstakes contestants can win. The contest ends August 30, 2016.

“This is a game for locals and visitors alike. Following our first season, we will be coming out with four new cards for the Fall, says Nancy Craun, owner and founder of Go Blue Ridge Travel. “These will be centered around apple pickin, pumpkin harvest, and one card will be a teen boot camp involving more physical fitness and life survival skills.”

Founded and owned by Nancy Craun who grew up in the area and has 30 years of experience in the event planning, restaurant, hotel, and marketing arenas. GoBRT covers 160 plus mile radius of the Interstate 81 Corridor spanning the states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Contact: Nancy Craun Founder and Owner and Phone: 540.533.1853 Email: info(at)GoBlueRidgeTravel(dot)com