Uitto Biocomposite Skateboards are a Sustainable and Completely Recyclable Skateboard Deck

Helsinki, Finland (PRWEB) June 09, 2016

The Uitto Biocomposite brings the traditional wooden board into this day and age. Without sacrificing build integrity or quality, biocomposite boards are highly ecological, being fully recyclable and non-toxic. They weather the elements, moisture and temperature superiorly to traditional skateboards.

“Skateboards break, deform and delaminate and we wanted tosolve this problem and make a better board in a sustainable way,” says CEO and Designer Joel Raivio. “”Biocomposite skateboards are more resistant and durable than traditional skateboards. Not only do they last longer they are also more sustainableand fully recyclable.”

The deck itself comes in three colors: bark, moss and stone. Thanks to the organic flow of the substance during manufacture, each individual board has its own unique pattern. The Uitto “Ride-On-Rough” 59mm 80a -wheels provide a smooth ride, even on rougher surfaces yet remain hard enough to sneak in the occasional power slide. The board also uses standard 5″ hanger trucks, and the decks include integrated risers compatible with any standard skateboarding trucks or wheels. With the Uitto Biocomposite Board, wheel bite won’t be an issue.

“Uitto means moving logs from a forest to sawmill downstream using the current of the river. We at Uitto Boards aim to bring this experience into the 21st century. We ride pieces of wood and stand sideways in the current just like they did a century ago. We make our boards with the utmost attention to detail, using the old way of doing things right, with the latest in material technology,” adds Raivio, “Get the best of both worlds and enjoy the feeling of timber under your feet that is Uitto Boards.”

About Uitto Boards

Uitto Boards is a sustainable board manufacturer and lifestyle brand from Finland. Founded in 2014 in one of the most forested countries in the world. Uitto boards makes their productswith the outmost attention to detail using the old way of making things right from the latest in material technology.