An Introduction to OurHarvest: New Yorks Online Farmers Market and Online Grocery Delivery

Prior to starting OurHarvest, Reich and Winik recognized three major issues in the current food system: an inefficient food supply chain with unnecessary middlemen that diminishes the freshness of products and increases consumer prices; limited transparency in terms of where products come from and what’s inside them; and food insecurity, in which fully 1 in 6 Americans deal with hunger. To fix these problems, Reich and Winik launched OurHarvest, an online farmer’s market that makes food more accessible and transparent while also fighting hunger.

At OurHarvest, you can order from categories to meet all your cooking needs: poultry, meat, seafood, pantry, dairy and eggs, produce, drinks, bakery, sweets and snacks. Look for delicious recipes as well, from seared tuna, to delicious brisket, to mushroom and goat cheese quesadillas, to Paloma Cocktails and salty sweet peanut butter cookies.

SOURCE OurHarvest