ISIS Wood Product Solutions, a Canadian forest industry software company, changes name to MillTech Inventory Management Solutions

MillTech – a leading supplier of wood products inventory software – changed its name from ISIS Wood Product Solutions to distance itself from any connotations associated with the Islamic State of Iraq, also widely known as ISIS.

The name MillTech itself was chosen to brand and better align the Company’s name with MillTech’s focus on and success in supplying industry specific inventory software to the manufacturing or mill segment of the forest industry, including sawmills and secondary wood manufacturers.

MillTech’s inventory software simplifies even the most complex wood product inventory and production problems and processes. Like telling lumber mills what wood to profitably cut, purchase, inventory and sell and when.

MillTech is best known as the wood products ERP inventory system that has the flexibility and functionality out of the box meets the very unique needs of lumber producing companies. Forward thinking flexibility built into the MillTech programs, plus current Microsoft technology allows MillTech to make programming changes in hours. Most changes to the MillTech system are accomplished without program modification through configuration, typically done by the end user.

SOURCE MillTech Inventory Management Solutions