Ecofibre Sends 6 Tons Of Australian Certified Hemp Seed To USA And Prepares For Commercial Activities Via Its USA Subsidiary, United Life Science

The multiple cultivars sent will provide farmers a broad range of diversity for planting. While most farmers will be cultivating Cannabidiol (CBD), there will also be farmers growing for grain and fiber production.

Ecofibre is an Australian company that maintains one the world’s largest and most diverse seed banks of cannabis sativa germplasm, which includes several certified industrial hemp cultivars.

Ecofibre has strong research partnerships with several leading Australian Universities and currently utilizes its licenses to grow industrial hemp for the purposes of research and production.

Ecofibre also focuses on seed multiplication for export to business partners for the purpose of sales of food, medicinal extract and a wide range of fiber based products.

United Life Science is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecofibre and is the exclusive license holder of IP within the United States. It is focused on developing and distributing the highest quality hemp products to the US consumer.

SOURCE United Life Science