Kimberly-Clark Professional Expands RightCycle, the First Large-Scale Recycling Program for Non-Hazardous Lab and Cleanroom Waste, to Industrial Environments

RightCycle enables customers to recycle thin mil nitrile gloves, apparel (including accessories such as hoods, masks, shoe covers and other items) and Kimtech Pure 100 percent polypropylene wipers. To qualify for the program, the items must be free of hazardous materials, biohazards and wet food.

“As a rule of thumb, if our personal protective equipment products, such as nitrile gloves and apparel, are being disposed of as regular trash versus hazardous waste, then we can likely accept them,” Adams added.

Gloves previously represented about 15 percent of the company’s landfill waste, so switching to Kimberly-Clark Professional gloves and the RightCycle program was an easy decision. The company now expects to divert four tons of glove waste annually.

Sustainability is a big part of the family-owned company’s culture. “Our company is committed to nourishing a healthier planet and protecting the environment for generations to come,” Vega added. “This expands our solid waste reduction and recycling efforts.”

Lundberg Family Farms recycled close to one ton of nitrile gloves in its first few months in the RightCycle program. “You’re either throwing the gloves away or giving them a second life. The latter is always better,” Vega said.


SOURCE Kimberly-Clark Professional