The “Ovnus Bundles” aim to contribute to the efforts of dealing with global warming

Each box of the Ovnus Bundles will consist of a bracelet made of highly resistant nylon with waterproof metal clasp, engraved with the edition and logo along with a small pot made of bamboo which can be used to plant a mini cactus or any other plant. The Ovnus bundle will also feature an Ovnus app which will guide the user on plant. Another interesting thing is that the contributor will get is to get their name featured on a physical structure created by Ovnus. They are also working on the possibility that the user can send pictures, videos or letters which will be stored in a time capsule in the sculpture and opened after 100 years as a part of the contributor’s legacy.

The main aim of creating these Ovnus Bundles is to save the environment by planting trees. For every bundle that’ll be sold, the company is going to plant a tree. The team of Ovnus has been actively involved in making earth beautiful by planting trees and now they have led their mission on to a bigger level with this project. Through this project, they are providing an opportunity to everyone to contribute in saving the environment and prevent the effects of global warming on the planet.

The Ovnus team has traveled to many areas to investigate where they can plant trees and after joining forces with farmers, volunteers, and the authorities responsible for nature they began the mission to plant as many trees as possible. The company’s job is to germinate trees until they reach the right size and then plant them in nature.

The Ovnus team understands that the problem of global warming and the damage that humans have done to nature can only be resolved by giving back to nature by planting more trees. The long term goal is to build Ovnus Gardens, where they can germinate trees across the world.