Northern Power Systems announces major milestone in deployment of Distributed Turbines

At 100 kilowatts of rated power, with a 21- or 24-meter rotor, the NPS 100 offers best-in-class annual energy production, safety and reliability for farms, businesses, schools and hospitals. Its new 24-meter rotor features state-of-the-art hub and blade technology with superior aerodynamics providing a larger swept area. This increases the annual energy production (AEP) of the NPS 100-24 up to 15% over the previous model. Further improvements include an enhanced electrical layout and more efficient generator cooling. Originally developed with NASA and designed for remote and isolated sites, the NPS 100 has an innovative gearless direct drive and permanent magnet generator. The NPS 100 wind turbine is optimized for low wind speed performance, making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6 mph), providing clear economic benefits in a wide variety of wind regimes, ranging from semi-urban to remote off-grid or microgrid locations.

Northern Power is now offering a fully financed product for the North American market that allows customers to install a wind turbine on a lease-to-own program with up to 100% of the total installed cost being financed, making a winning proposition for both the end user and this renewable energy technology.

SOURCE Northern Power Systems Corp.