Philips Teams Up with The Texas A&M University System to Establish Center for Global Health & Innovation

Healthy South Texas is a $10 million pilot project, funded by the Texas legislature, that is delivering preventive health care to 27 South Texas counties by using a combination of county extension agents and health experts from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas A&M Health Science Center. The project is focused on the prevention of diabetes, asthma and infectious diseases.

As part of the collaboration, Philips and The Texas A&M University System will establish The Center for Global Health and Innovation on campus, an open innovation environment that will foster public-private partnerships to rapidly design, develop, prototype, and showcase healthcare solutions. Texas A&M University has led the nation in agriculture-related research expenditures for three consecutive years and the Center would allow Philips to explore other opportunities in health care based on research at TheTexas A&M AgriLife System.

“Many of today’s problems are too complicated and expensive to be addressed by the public sector alone,” said Chancellor Sharp. “Public-private partnerships can show the way for addressing issues such as health care in a collaborative way that benefits our citizens, both as health care consumers and taxpayers.”

The collaboration will focus on three main project areas:

According to Dr. Mark Hussey, Vice Chancellor and Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 70 percent of all emerging diseases are transmitted from animals to humans, which fits The Texas A&M University System’s expertise, whether in detecting or treating diseases, manufacturing vaccines or educating the public through the Healthy South Texas pilot.

“At Philips, we are committed to building a healthy society by improving the lives of 3 billion people by 2025, working in collaboration with world-class organizations like The Texas A&M University System to understand how we can really impact communities: from outreach programs focused on healthy living and prevention, to understanding how we can improve our ability to react to health threats,” said Hans Aloys-Wischmann, head of Philips Research for North America. “This program puts us shoulder-to-shoulder with those who are on the front line of care, giving us unprecedented insight into developing real-life applications and solutions that can make a difference in human healthon both a local and global scale.”