Packaged Facts: ‘Clean Label’ Movement Driving Coffee Creamer Trends

Though the future outlook is undoubtedly sweet, major players in this segment are already benefitting from a shift to cleaner labels. For example, Nestl’s Coffee-mate’s Natural Bliss dairy-based line has been especially successful. “Made delicious with ingredients you recognize,” Natural Bliss contains just five ingredients: milk, cream, cane sugar, salt, and natural flavor. Natural Bliss experienced astronomical sales growth of more than 50% between 2014 and 2015, a stunning feat is all the more noteworthy because Natural Bliss was launched in 2011. Nestl was something of a pioneer in the mass-market clean label niche, and is now reaping the rewards of its prescience, note Packaged Facts’ analysts.

Relatedly, plant-based foods and beverages epitomize the clean label characterization. The success of the handful of currently available dairy alternative creamers suggests great promise for this niche. According to Packaged Facts, strong growth in the almond milk segment is the single most significant development in market trends. Expansion of the market for plant-based dairy alternative beverages will also be driven by new offerings like cashew milk and hemp milk and combination formulations with such ingredients as chia and quinoa.

While creamers have not reached quite this degree of novelty, the fact that the current crop of plant-based creamers are line extensions of plant-based milk beverages is of critical significance. The aforementioned Califia Farms’ Better Half creamer is a nut-based alternative to dairy half & half. Likewise, Coconut Cloud provides the market with a dried coconut milk product that is dairy-free and vegan. Not to be outdone, WhiteWave Foods expanded its creamer offerings under its Silk and So Delicious dairy alternative brands.

SOURCE Packaged Facts