Christian Enterprises Expands Business at Port of Kalama to Include Precision Metal Fabrication

Kalama, Washington (PRWEB) June 13, 2016

When Joe Christiansen relocated his dry kiln fabrication services to the Port of Kalama in 2013 little did he know what kind of welcome he would receive from a booming manufacturing sector and an uptick in the economy. Inspired by a challenge, happy customers, and a growing demand for commercial, industrial and decorative metal work, Christiansen launched CE Metal Fabrication. The company leased another 10,000 square feet at the Kalama River Industrial Park and another Port of Kalama business success story was born!

CE Metal Fabrication now leases 20,000 square feet in Kalama and serves a growing cadre of clients throughout the Pacific Northwest with precisely crafted metal works. From decorative handrails to steel structural beams, CE creates quality metal components and other necessities for commercial buildings, industrial settings, and automotive applications.

“We honed our craft by building and maintaining lumber dry kilns all over the Pacific Northwest and today we are serving a vast array of fabrication clients-we are perfectly placed at the Port of Kalama and our business growth reflects that,” says Christiansen, owner of Christiansen Enterprises. “When clients outside of the lumber industry became interested in what we were creating here in Kalama, our expert welding team rose to the task and have become quite the team of artists.”

“Port of Kalama not only offers us an ideal location to serve our customers in the forest products industry, but they have supported our company growth in ways we couldn’t have expected,” said Joe Christiansen, owner, Christiansen Enterprises. “We have grown substantially every year since moving to the Port and expect to continue to increase our services to a new fabrication market.”

Contact: Liz Newman, marketing manager, Port of Kalama, 360-673-2379 or Claudia Johnson, PR, 503-799-2220.