The Mountain Valley Spring Water Launches New Online Store, Logo and Refreshed Website

The new logo introduces an important focus of the brand identity — the Ouachita Mountains — where The Mountain Valley spring is located — and its uniquely American story. Since 1871, The Mountain Valley spring has been a source of natural American goodness; a heritage and quality that established a legacy among influential drinkers.

“Our new identity reflects our heritage, a commitment to protecting the source, and our mission of expanding availability of the original premium natural American spring water,” said Stephan Williams, Director of Marketing. “Launching the new online store for a direct-ship option is a huge step forward for the brand. We are excited to offer another great option for our consumers to purchase Mountain Valley Spring water, in addition to home delivery and retail.”

Renowned for its superior quality and iconic green glass bottles, Mountain Valley’s spring and sparkling water offerings embody the same ultra-premium eminence of imported brands — with a strong appeal to a discerning, uncompromising American brand-centric consumer. The Mountain Valley brand is building momentum with this authenticity-seeking audience, seeing accelerated cross-channel growth within the category.

Although Mountain Valley’s look has been updated, it remains the same unique natural spring water that has been provided since 1871. The Mountain Valley Spring Water is sodium-free, naturally ionized and rich in minerals. The brand has long been valued by some of the top chefs in the country, and is the water of choice of many top-rated restaurants.

“The Mountain Valley Spring Water has been bottling water from the same majestic, natural spring deep in the Ouachita Mountains for more than 145 years. The company’s commitment to protecting the source and delivering natural American goodness has never wavered. This is an iconic American brand that is revered, and we are very focused on remaining true to its spirit for the future,” said Rick Tanner, President.

Mountain Valley will be on showcase at the FMI Connect 2016, June 21-23, located in the beverage pavilion, booth 911.

The Mountain Valley Spring Water Co. is the authentic American natural spring water in the United States. Headquartered in the Ouachita Mountains region of Hot Springs, Ark., the iconic American brand has been serving consumers since 1871. The brand’s spring and sparkling waters, known for their elegant green glass and superior quality, are still bottled today from the abundant natural artesian spring source originating from deep within the valley’s granite-based geologic formation, giving it its unique mineral content and taste profile.

It has been named the “Best-Tasting Water in the World” twice at Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. Mountain Valley Spring water is also delivered to home and offices across the county through its vast network of distributors, including its unique 5-gallon and 2.5-gallon glass cooler bottles. The brand can also be found in fine retailers, natural grocery and traditional supermarkets. Mountain Valley Spring Water is committed to the preservation of America’s pristine wilderness — here at home and across the country. More than 2,000 acres of protected forest in the Ouachita Mountains ensure the health and quality of its spring. Mountain Valley Spring is a Great Range Capital corporation.