New Audio Company Announces First Shipment of Handcrafted, Super-premium Wireless Speakers

Princeton, Wisconsin (PRWEB) June 14, 2016

Today marks the first shipment of the new Site:1 speaker from Princeton Audio, a startup company dedicated to creating handcrafted audio products out of a variety of ultra-premium tonewoods with sophisticated, upgradeable electronics that deliver high-quality sound. Taking their name from the small Wisconsin town that the company calls home, Founder and CEO Michael Pelland said that Princeton Audio was created as a passionate response to the cheaply made, mass-produced plastic boxes that litter the portable audio industry today.

“We thought outside those boxes, replaced cheap plastics with premium tonewoods, traded mass manufacture for handcrafted production, and committed ourselves to innovative technology to provide the very best sound for the music we love,” Founder and CEO Michael Pelland said. “Good music deserves better.”

The “Site:1” speaker is the first expression of the company’s resolve. Crafted out of a wide variety of carefully selected, instrument-quality tonewoods such as sustainable, plantation-grown mahogany, black walnut, maple, and black cherry, Site:1 speakers are as visually stunning as they are sonically beautiful.

Pelland has recruited other citizens of the town of Princeton to his cause, including local craftsman Jack Kallio. Kallio notes that luthiers build the highest-quality musical instruments out of premium tonewoods, prizing them for their resonating properties as well as their physical beauty.

“We approach the creation of our Site:1 speakers the same way,” said Kallio, “Each tonewood has its own distinct character. That’s why many musicians give loving names to their most precious instruments – they have individual personalities. The subtle variations in our tonewoods give each Site:1 speaker a unique voice,” he says, “You really can hear the difference.”

Site:1 speakers are individually tuned to take advantage of the special acoustical properties of each, and boast upgradeable electronics that deliver audiophile-quality sound. With 40+ hours of battery life, the Site:1 is a fully-portable, exquisitely designed Bluetooth-enabled speaker that faithfully reproduces the music listeners love.

“Wireless doesn’t have to mean ‘less’ anymore,” said Princeton Audio Sales & Marketing Coordinator Andrew Lehnert with a smile.

Through Princeton Audio’s patent-pending external interface, the Site:1 is optimized to integrate into a range of entertainment systems, including music players, televisions, game consoles, portable devices – almost any wired or wireless system. This ability to evolve and adapt to future changes in technologies is yet another reason why the Site:1 can claim to be an heirloom-quality product.

While many domestic companies, citing the glut of cheaply made foreign imports in the portable audio market, have chosen to outsource production of their own products, Pelland stresses that his company has chosen a different path.

“This is something that you must understand,” he said, “We make these speakers here. The materials are sourced, the parts made and assembled with our own hands, right here in the state of Wisconsin.”

Pelland waves away any suggestion that this commitment puts Princeton Audio at a financial disadvantage when compared to other companies who farm out their manufacturing to other countries.

“Nobody said it would be easy,” he said, “This is what we choose to do. We embraced the challenge to show the world just what can be designed, engineered, sourced and manufactured all within driving distance of Princeton, Wisconsin. We’re doing it, and it’s lifting our entire community.”

About Princeton Audio: Founded in 2014 by Michael Pelland, Princeton Audio is dedicated to the creation of high-quality, handcrafted audio products, and reclaiming and rejuvenating the proud history of local manufacturing in Princeton, Wisconsin. At Princeton Audio, we promise that our products will be worthy of the music you love, that they will be beautiful, and that they will last.