Construction of the tallest wood condo tower in North America officially begins

The 41-metre-tall building, to be delivered by the end of the year, will feature 12storeys made of gigantic cross-laminated timber above a concrete ground floor. It will house 92condo units.

As for the Ville de Qubec, it designed the Pointe-aux-Livres ecodistrict and authorized construction of Origine.

“By supporting innovation and the use of new techniques in the construction of wood-based high-rise buildings, we are supporting the growth of a strong and competitive forestry industry. These investments in research and development lead to cleaner, more sustainable construction practices, all while promoting the creation of employment opportunities in the forestry sector. Innovative, entrepreneurial ideas like these are integral to our fight against climate change.”

“I wish to congratulate Origine’s promoters on their boldness. To build a wood structure that tall, they had to demonstrate the project’s feasibility and compliance with all safety standards. Today’s ground-breaking ceremony shows that the Pointe-aux-Livres ecodistrict project is moving forward at a very good pace, with surfacing work set to begin soon and the July delivery of an all-wood, 59-unit social housing complex.”

“Buyers looking for a unique lifestyle fall in love with the project’s exceptional location and innovative concept. Origine is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind project that we are extremely proud to be building.”

The Origine green condo project is led by the NEB Consortium, whose members are construction company EBC Inc., solid wood structure manufacturer Nordic Structures, and promoter Synchro Immobilier. Major contributors include Natural Resources Canada, the Quebec Ministre des Forts, de la Faune et des Parcs, as well as partners Yvan Blouin Architecte, WSP Canada Inc. Gncor Experts-Conseils Inc., Groupe conseil SID Inc., Gestion immobilire Lafrance et Mathieu, and the Ville de Qubec.

SOURCE Origine, cocondos et coquartier de la Pointe-aux-Livres