Farmers Insurance(R) Helps Customers Avoid ‘Unpleasant Visitors’ During Summer Travel

According to the Seasonal Smarts Digest, Summer 2016 edition, nearly half (49 percent) of all lightning claims and more than one-third of hail claims filed annually occur during the summer months. In fact, based on the data from Farmers Insurance, the incidence of lightning claims increases by 120 percent in the summer compared to the spring season.

Summer means travel and vacation for millions of Americans, whether it’s a week or two or just a relaxing day trip. However, if unprepared, homeowners may come home to an unpleasant surprise, such as burst pipes, leaky water heaters, hail damage or even a burglarized home, as criminals often look to take advantage of unoccupied homes during peak travel times in the year.

Farmers Insurance Seasonal Smarts Digest offers a number of steps travelers can take before leaving and while away from home to reduce potentially unpleasant surprises:

The Farmers Seasonal Smarts Digest is released four times per year to provide drivers and homeowners with knowledgeable, straightforward and proactive tips to help mitigate potentially dangerous and costly insurance losses. The digest examines a three-year window (2013 to 2015) of Farmers Insurance’s historical claims database to identify seasonal perils and the states where they most commonly occur.

SOURCE Farmers Insurance