EPA Approval Of IoMax For Feedwater Expands Biolargos Robust Solutions For Poultry Industry

Birds contaminate their environment by defecating anywhere they happen to be. Diseases are commonly carried in their feces and urine and can quickly spread throughout their environment and their drinking water. Poultry farms typically process large populations of birds in crowded spaces that tend to create an environment conducive for disease transmission. Clearly, with the growing absence of antibiotics, some form of protection against microbial diseases is needed.

“Effective and measurable control of pathogens in poultry operations is a priority for growers looking to protect their yields, especially in antibiotic-free lines,” said Tom Bercaw, President of Clarion Water. “Use of an iSAN(TM) system to deliver metered IoMax(TM) provides effective sanitation with full automation, data logging and remote monitoring capabilities. The active ingredient of IoMax(TM), free iodine, is well known for its efficacy as a broad spectrum biocide across a wide variety of industries and applications. Additionally, IoMax(TM) provides supplementation to the animal diet with low levels of iodine residue. Beyond poultry, Clarion expects to be working with the EPA to approve expanded use of IoMax and iSan for drinking water for all livestock, and for produce wash post-harvest.”

She further explained: “At the foundation of the AOS Filter is its efficiency in generating a highly oxidative state. The data supports its potential to accomplish high-level disinfection that can be useful in multiple markets including food processing and agriculture production. Extremely high levels of performance [disinfection] were achieved during testing, and we are excited to expand the work with BioLargo to other applications targeting food safety concerns.”

BioLargo’s suite of disruptive iodine-based products work hand in hand to help create a clean, safe and healthy environment for a variety of food production operations like poultry.

After almost a decade of R&D and high investor expectations, BioLargo now appears to be well positioned to experience meaningful sales growth beginning in late 2016 and early 2017.

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