Green Gorillas Hemp and Olive CBD Line Featured in Mg Magazine

Green Gorilla Co-CEO Steven Saxton said, “We’re extremely pleased to be profiled in what I consider to be the “Rolls-Royce” standard for Business to Business publications in the space, mg Magazine.”

Green Gorilla’s Co-CEO Philip Asquith added, “To be featured in mg Magazine is a statement. It is asignificant achievement, indicating Green Gorilla has arrived in the space and we thank mg Magazine for their interest in Green Gorilla and for publishing a tremendously informativeand visually stunning monthly magazine.”

Philip Asquith and Steven Saxton share a vision for Green Gorilla Inc.: an international brand that eventually will dominate and define a “sustainable, ethical, healthy, organic approach” to business in the hemp and cannabis industry. To that end, they have mapped out a disciplined strategy for growth that operates on the legal side of the law. “Our game plan is to be well-capitalized, create a brand, and then as the federal and international laws emerge, decide how to participate,” said Saxton.

With deep experience in both commercial agriculture and high finance, the entrepreneurs debuted Green Gorilla in late October 2015 with the launch of Hemp & Olive, an inaugural line of products that ultimately will consist of up to 200 unique items in the supplements, cosmetics and pet care sectors, all infused with 100-percent pure, organic CBD produced in Europe. Asquith said Europe offers the most regulated product on the market. “You know it is what they say it is,” he said. “There is also a lot of certification with the hemp – non-GMO, organic, fair trade – and then there is more certification and lab testing on the extraction process, which is also done in Europe. We get it once it is the pure, white, crystalline CBD, which we send to a lab for further testing.”

Asquith also spent years in the financial world. “My background is actually investment banking. I ran a hedge fund for a while; did private equity and structured finance in the U.S., Europe and Russia,” he said. Eventually, he “got fed up making more and more money for the evil people of the world” and left to start his own business.

“I launched a chain of wellness centers – yoga, a juice bar, a boutique – to do something healthier and get back in touch with that side of me,” he said. “They were based out of Miami and called the Green Monkey. It was a wonderful experience and a great success, but then I told my share in that company and moved back to California.”

Asquith returned to California in part to run the family business, but the idea for Green Gorilla had already been gestating. “Steven and I have known one another for quite a long time, about fifteen years, and this is a conversation we’ve been having in the background for ever a decade; hemp, cannabis, medical marijuana, legalization; where and how to do this? Should we do this? Does it make sense? Then three or four years ago, we basically decided we wanted to do something in this space.”

Saxton, a former investment banker and stock and commodities broker, had extensive experience in corporate structuring, private equity, public companies, corporate refinancing, and raising capital for startups. He also has been involved in film, music, and fashion for the past thirty years, working as a producer, manager, agent, distributor and financier in the entertainment industry. The founder, chief executive officer, and chairman of Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Studios Asia, Artist International, and Models International, Saxton still has one foot in the movie business.

Green Gorilla was formed in November 2013, and the intervening time until last year’s official launch was spent organizing the company and formulating products for the Hemp & Olive and subsequent brands.

To gain a foothold in medical marijuana dispensaries and retail shops, Green Gorilla is developing a sales team to work major markets around the country. Saxton also is leveraging his showbiz connections for the benefit of the brand. “We put our products in the Oscar gift bags and the Grammy gift bags,” he said. ‘We’ll use all my Hollywood contacts.”

The team is also well ahead in formulating products for the brand that will follow Hemp & Olive. “The next line is going to be called Master Grower, which will initially offer organic fertilizers and pest-control products,” said Asquith. “Eventually, it will provide everything a grower needs, from trimmers to lights, with an Apple approach. If you buy one of our products, they all work together.”

Saxton added, “And then we’ll get into everything a dispensary might need that we’re allowed to sell that’s federally legal. Following that, we’ll enter the actual cannabis space when it’s federally legal and we could enter the space in a foreign country.”

As far as what ethos they want the brand to conjure within investors, patients, and consumers alike, Asquith summed it up in three simple but potent words: “A trusted source.”

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