Agribotix(TM) Brings Portable, Affordable Drone-and-Analytics Solution Built on DJI(TM) PHANTOM(TM) to Agriculture

“We’re excited to introduce this complete solution to the agricultural market,” said Lou Faust, Agribotix CEO. “For the first time, this puts a user-friendly, farm-optimized drone-and-data package at every agronomist’s and farmer’s disposal. DJI has written the book on drones, and Agribotix, an authorized dealer of DJI products, is the only data and analytics company devoted 100% to agriculture. The power of this combination is that it shatters the twin hurdles of price and complexity associated with drone-enabled intelligence. Quite simply, the Agrion solutions put tremendous analytic power in the farmer’s hands without requiring special training or deep pockets. He or she can drive out to the field, fly autonomously, get back detailed results about every inch of the field, and decide what action to take in near real-time. That means bigger, more profitable harvests, lower fertilizer and pesticide costs, and less environmental impact. It’s efficient, it’s accurate, and at this incredible price, it more than pays for itself within a few uses.”

With the Agribotix Agrion system, users create a flight plan, autonomously takeoff, fly and land, and upload images to the cloud. Results are processed automatically and returned in formats commonly used in agricultural equipment and management systems to make identifying issues in the field and taking appropriate action easy and intuitive. Specialized reporting enables users to respond to issues throughout the season in time to improve outcomes. Applications include: full field health assessment, yield estimating, presence of pests or disease, assessment and response to weather events, and irrigation irregularities.