VeriShow Launches VeriTalk

VeriShow is a real-time personal engagement platform. It enables businesses to provide in-person customer experience online. Companies can speak to customers using video chat, co-browse the site and share product content within real-time. The solution is browser-based with no special software required, customers interact spontaneously with no prior contact or installation instructions.

“VeriShow’s powerful co-browsing and content share tools enable customer service reps in area such as finance, retail, and health care to provide better service and sell more,” stated Yuval Moed, CEO, VeriShow and HBRLabs. “We have just released a valuable capability called, VeriTalk that can be very valuable to your organization and your clients.”

VeriTalk allows the company service agents to talk to customers on the phone while co-browsing and sharing off-line content with them at the same time. This is the ultimate support enhancement, turning a basic voice call into a full one-on-one support session – great for hand-holding, sales and technical support.

When agents speak with customers over the phone, they can offer instant live assistance by simply asking them to provide a unique and random Assistance ID that is automatically presented on your site.

“VeriTalk increases efficiency, sales and first contact resolution, explains Moed. “Today, the consumer decides whether a business climbs the mountain of success or goes down the hill of failure. Customer satisfaction and engagement are the two top ways to make a business flourish and VeriTalk is one more way of connecting quickly and assisting customer needs.”

VeriTalk works as easy as this; the agent speaks with a customer over the phone and asks the customer to open the company web site on their computer, then the agent asks the customer for the unique Assistance ID presented on company web site. (ID is automatically generated by the VeriTalk plugin – see below). At this point the agent launches co-browsing and content sharing session – the customer does not have to click on anything to engage with the customer.

VeriShow possesses very strong patents in this space. HBR Labs is a Michigan, US LLC with R&D facilities in Israel. The company addresses a specific need related to customer service, that is: the need for efficient and secure personal help.

For example, in scenarios where a customer needs assistance and calls for support, an agent can navigate to a similar page the customer states that he or she is at and try to help them. However, without a dedicated and secure way to see what the client sees and show them what to do, it can quickly become a long and tedious conversation.

This is where our “See it, Show it” co-browsing patented technology changes the story. Combining directional language with visual cues where an agent can also see the customer’s browser and show them what to do without compromising the customer’s privacy, reduces the handling time, increases efficiency and first contact resolution (FCR). “Adding VeriTalk, allows one more way customer service agents can talk to customers, says Moed. This time we are using the phone while co-browsing and sharing off-line content with customers at the same time.”

VeriShow is an Omni-Channel platform that also integrates with leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM. As an Omni-Channel platform, it enables organizations and customers alike to communicate across different channels.


About HBRlabs and VERISHOW(R):

HBR Labs LLC, the parent company of, was founded in 2010 to develop and market advanced, simple-to-use, web-based collaboration solutions, so companies can help customer’s in-person to complete complex transactions online. VERISHOW(R) platform offers companies APIs for eachengagement application (audio/video chat, co-browsing, and content sharing) and the capabilities of the VERISHOW(R) platform can be customized to any company’s unique needs. Verishow utilizes the latest and best available technology standards that provides high quality products with low latency synchronization. The team is led by CEO Yuval Moed with support from a number of Michigan- based private investment groups including Lis Ventures and Gal-Mar. The company’s R&D facilities are located in Israel; its corporate headquarters are located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.