Feeding The Hungry Through Music. Washington State Singer-Songwriter And Organic Farmer Releases Original CD to Donate To NorthwestHarvest.Org

The Garden of My Soul is an original 17-song country-mix CD by Northwest Washington singer- songwriter and organic farmer, Laurie Lee Lewis. She has released this project to donate to NorthwestHarvest.Org, serving 380 food banks and schools in need in Washington State. Music is known as food for the soul, however, Laurie Lee Lewis wants to use her music to also feed the hungry.

Following her dreams and believing in them has allowed Laurie to create this fun, inspiring music which the listeners will be able to relate to and enjoy. Laurie’s music depicts her strong connection with her country-living roots which are her unique strengths. When Laurie is not busy managing her farm, she is focusing on writing and recording songs in her personal home studio. Laurie draws inspiration for songs from her own life, friends and family, and farming. Helping others in need has always been important to Laurie. Using her music not only to inspire others, but to raise money to support causes she feels

strongly about. The songs from The Garden Of My Soul show that her unique style of music would

appeal to a large audience, especially those who enjoy country-folk genre.

Talking about her ambition to help people via her music, Laurie said: ” It took 2 years to complete this

17-song (all originals) CD. The Garden Of My Soul has songs that are fun, inspiring and about believing in yourself, plus a couple laugh out loud ones to sing along with. Songs like Wrangler Jeans, Loretta Lynn, Pacific Northwest, and Lavender Fields, all have a pretty big audience, and of course the title song is for gardeners! Turning 54, a single mom and farmer, with a big dream of helping feed others, my inspiration to do this comes from knowing my music and the produce that I grow will both help feed hungry families. It doesn’t get any better than that! I laugh when people think I have made a big living with my music over the years, in reality I have given most of it away. From the time I was a child, the act of giving meant more to me than receiving. Guess I was born to give.”

Laurie has chosen to donate to Northwest Harvest because of the impressive work the organization has been doing to eliminate hunger in Washington State by providing free, nutritious meals to hungry people.