Key Regulatory Perspectives for the Food and Beverages Market in the United States 2016 – Research and Markets

This research covers the US food and beverages market. It provides details of the food chain and the need for regulations across the food chain, with deep dives into regulatory rules and their implications.

Due to high rates of recall of food products in recent times owing to contamination, the government has come up with strict guidelines to prevent contamination from raw materials to intermediate or complete processed foods. The study discusses the Food Safety Modernization Act and its impact on specific food sectors, such as dairy, raw meat, and beverages.

– The US food and beverages market holds one-third of the US economy by value. The market operates through an organized value chain that converts raw materials from the farm to edible products.

– The value chain consists of main segments: farmers/producers, food and beverage manufacturers/processors, distribution and retail, and


1. Executive Summary

2. Market Overview

– Research and Geographical Scope

– Market Overview

– Value Chain

– Value Chain-Farmers/Producers

– Value Chain-Food and Beverage Manufacturers/Processors

– Value Chain-Distribution and Retail Network

3. Food and Beverages Market-Regulatory Perspectives

– Food and Beverages Market-Points of Concern

– Regulatory Needs

– Regulatory Trends

– Food Safety Measures Across the Food Supply Chain

– Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

– FSMA Implementation and Impact for Producers

– FSMA Implementation and Impact for Processors and Distributors

– Pathogen Testing in Dairy Processing-Value Chain Overview

– FSMA-Impact on the Dairy Market

– FSMA-Impact on the Beverages Market

– FSMA-Impact on the Processed Foods Market

– Pathogen Testing in Meat Processing-Value Chain Overview

– FSMA-Impact on the Raw Meat Market

– Food Safety Management Systems-Overview

– Legal Disclaimer

4. Appendix

– FSMA Rules and Guidelines