AsianDate Shares its Top 6 Chinese Parks for a Great Dating Experience

AsianDate has focused on the amazing parks of China as great places to get closer to their Chinese love interest. The incredible Asian country is known for its beautiful, awe-inspiring, and romantic parks where couples can spend quality time and get to know each other and take their relationship further.

The second park on AsianDate’s list is the famous Beihai Park in Beijing. It is one of the largest of the many parks in the city and also the oldest as it is over a thousand years old. It is one of the best preserved imperial gardens of the country. The park is 69 hectares in size and also includes a 39-hectare lake. The beautiful scenery of lakes and hills, grass and trees makes it the perfect destination for romantics.

Coming next on the list of the top six green spaces in China is the Jiuzhaigou National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sichuan Province. The park is one of the most-visited places for romance and relaxation in the country as it provides a soothing setting with its fairy-tale ambiance and brightly colored mountains and flowing lakes. The scenery is inspiring enough to conjure romantic feelings in couples.

Fourth on the list of the top parks in China is the Huangshan National Park. Acclaimed as the “the loveliest mountain of China”, the garden offers a fascinating experience for romantic couples as they find the natural setting ideal for loving conversations. The magnificent scenery of the place comes from the stunning granite peaks and rocks which emerge from the thick and heavy clouds hanging low over the mountains.

The popular and scenic Gongqing Forest Park is listed fifth on AsianDate’s list because of the easy access it provides to the amazing countryside of China from the city of Shanghai. The park stands out due to the acres of woods consisting of pines, hibiscus and more. It is a wonderful place for couples to spend some quiet time in the cradle of nature.

The final name on the list of the top six captivating gardens in China is the slightly different and unique Shenzhen Window of the World, which is a theme park that features replicas of famous global landmarks like Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. It is a different way of spending romantic times for couples looking to get closer.