Spectrum King LED Will Unveil The Brightest Led Grow Light In The World At The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

Alongside the SK600 Spectrum King LED will also be showcasing their recently released, new 100 watt models, Mother’s lil Helper (MLH100) and Closet Case (CC100). BOLD new driverless LED technology giving off more light than anyone has ever seen 100 watts of light do before.

Rami continued, “Our grow lights are designed and manufactured in-house by experienced LED professionals who have been creating custom industrial LED lighting solutions for a variety of industries including medical, government, military, commercial and agriculture applications, for over 10 years.”

The SK600 is a 650 watt LED grow light that emits full spectrum light with greater intensity than your typical 1000 watt double ended lighting fixture while only using a fraction of the electricity. This saves growers over 60% off their power bills when taking ventilation and cooling into account as well making it ideal for both small and large scale grow operations. Reduce your carbon footprint, while saving on overall costs to light your facilities, without compromising yield and increasing profits!

Mother’s lil Helper is a 100 watt grow light designed to maintain mother plants and also to promote vegetative growth for seedlings up to the transition to flowering. It will cover up to a 4′ x 4′ area for plants up to 3′ tall. The Closet Case is our other 100 watt grow light which mimics the spectrum of our 400+ and SK600 in a smaller package made for full cycle growth of smaller plants in a smaller area and can cover up to a 3′ x 3′ area.

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About Spectrum King LED:

Spectrum King LED, a leader in LED grow light technology, specializes in creating the highest performance LED grow lights in the world. Based on full spectrum light mimicking natural sunlight through painstaking research and development with higher quality harvests and yields in mind. Made with the finest components available and energy efficiency in mind Spectrum King LED grow lights use less power and create less heat than conventional bulb lit fixtures which promotes more eco-friendly growing.

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About the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is an annual event held by the National Cannabis Industry Association. It is considered the only national event that gives businesses, policy makers and influencers the opportunity to meet and shape the growing cannabis economy. This year’s event promises over 3,000 industry executives, more than 150 exhibitors, six educational tracks, and over 30 sessions with more than 75 industry speakers, including a wide range of pre-summit tours and workshops.

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