What Makes Canadian Beef So Great? Consumers Believe Its Canada — and We Put the Best of It in Our Beef

CALGARY, AB –(Marketwired – June 17, 2016) – A gathering of friends and family with beef on the grill is one of our Canadian traditions.

At the heart of it all is Canadian beef. Why Canadian beef? Canada Beef’s global survey asked the question, what is it that makes homegrown Canadian beef so great? It came down to this: it was Canada itself.

Consumers are demanding to know more about the food they feed their families. More than ever it is their personal values that are reflected in the brands they purchase and eventually drive where they spend their hard-earned dollars. At home and around the world, it turns out Canadian beef is an embodiment of what it is to be Canadian, rooted in the Canadian identity itself.

“Canadian beef is at the heart of the Canadian way of life and a way of living,” said Rob Meijer, President of Canada Beef. “Canada is what makes Canadian beef the remarkable product that it is, from the dedicated cattle farmers and ranchers to the land on which it is raised, Canadian beef is excellence without compromise.”

The Canadian Beef brand adds tangible value to Canadian beef; it tells the story of the effort that went into raising quality beef for our tables worldwide.

“We think there is an amazing story to tell the world when it comes to Canadian beef,” said Joyce Parslow, professional home economist and Director of Consumer Relations, Canada Beef. “Canada Beef’s purpose is to connect with consumers and enable loyalty to Canadian beef which will translate into demand for beef. We know that consumers are loyal to brands. In simulated shopping studies, having a package of ground beef identified with the Canadian beef brand on pack increased purchase intent by 55%.”

Canada is “The World’s Perfect Place for Raising Beef” and this is supported by all that makes Canada unique: in the land, hardworking people, good ethics and governance and sustainable practices.

“I want to thank Canadians for supporting 68,000 beef farming and ranching families across the country with their love and loyalty for Canadian beef. But most importantly, Happy Father’s Day,” said Meijer. “With Canadian beef at the table, everyone who gathers around it will take time for what really matters — spending quality time with one another. Of all the Canadian values that go into Canadian beef, this is the most important.”

It is Canada Beef’s good fortune to represent Canadian beef. Our beef is great because of Canada. To see us how the world sees us, visit canadabeef.ca/whycanadianbeef.

Canada Beef is the cattle producer-funded and run organization responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market development. It has offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Taiwan. Canada Beef works to foster loyalty to the Canadian beef brand and build strong relationships with trade customers and partners. These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle.

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