Houston Families are Discovering the Joy of Blackberry Picking at Local Farms

In Texas blackberry picking is fast becoming a family favorite activity. Families can visit local farmers and pick as many blackberries as they want. Farmers then weigh what has been picked and families take home what they spent the afternoon picking.

Families especially enjoy this activity because it’s outdoors, educational, and healthy! “My kids love picking blackberries and eating them. This year we have become quite good at making blackberry cobbler,” said Shellie Heborn from Waller, TX. “We plan to make it an annual family activity.”.

Local farmers are getting creative by using their farms for more than just growing vegetables. Many local farms have started advertising birthday parties, weddings, and special events. Farmers are more than happy to open up their open space to people looking for something different During the school year, local schools bring kids by the busload to see a working farm in action. “It’s such a good educational opportunity to discuss with kids how food is grown and where it comes from.” said one local school administrator.

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