Semios Special Offer Provides Soil Moisture Monitoring Solution Free to Precision Farming Customers for Two Years

With over 200 customers and 50,000+ sensors reporting every 10 mins, Semios is the leading precision platform and is committed to helping the industry with the challenges of drought. “We know it will improve the farmer’s bottom line and conserve a vital, depleting resource in the process,” concluded Gilbert.

Current soil moisture monitors are costly and generally comprised of data loggers that require farmers to go into the field every 1-2 weeks to get historical data. Integrated into the the Semios network, the Soil Moisture module includes industry-leading Time Domain Transmissometry (TDT) sensors that measure temperature (+/- 0.1 F), eletroconductivity (EC) and water content (+/- 1%). The sensor stations include water probes at depths of 1′ and 3′. The data from the sensors is relayed wirelessly every 10 minutes through the Semios network to the grower’s computer and/or mobile phone through Semios applications. Combined with integrated weather forecasts, farmers can now react to current conditions and forecasts to ensure crops get the right amount of water where and when they need it most.

The Semios Soil Moisture Module is part of a custom designed controller and sensor network that gives fruit and tree nut farmers remote access to conditions in the field 24/7. The Soil Moisture Module conserves water and fertilizers by ensuring irrigation flows do not continue beyond the root zone and that crops do not suffer from a deficit of water. Other modules offered by Semios include Pest Management (eg Navel Orangeworm monitor and control), Chilling Hours, Frost Management and Disease Control.

Semios will deliver, install and service the soil moisture solution demo stations to its customers for two years at no additional charge. Modules have video tutorials and Semios customer support is available 24/7.