Travel to Madagascar for the Sept 1, 2016 Annular Solar Eclipse

Travel to Madagascar for September 1, 2017 annular solar eclipse. Join us for a ten day safari to the unique island of Madagascar culminated by the golden ring called a annular solar eclipse as the moon does not cover the suns’ disc to produce a total solar eclipse.

According to Daniel Oppliger, Tropical Sails Corp’s President, “The ring will hang in the sky long enough for a marriage proposal.” With this type of solar eclipse, eye protection is needed at all times, however the “ground will be covered with golden rings if you filter the lights trough trees, bushes or a spaghetti strainer.”

Discover the best of Madagascar during this fascinating ten-day tour with lemurs, birdlife, fauna and flora, bustling markets and of course the big event, the spectacular annular Solar Eclipse! Begin your adventure in Antananarivo and travel through unspoiled nature, the dry forests of Ankafobe, the vast number of reptiles at Ankarafantsika with a break in between to stop and truly appreciate the Annular Solar Eclipse.


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