Ways to Find Inspiration from Overcoming Adversity Offered by Tina Blooms in Her Memoir

Every day is a constant weighing of odds in the life of Tina Blooms. At first life is simple, with only school and the farm to worry about. As time passes, the farmer’s daughter encounters more difficult things, and she struggles to move forward. The story tells us about an abusive first marriage, divorce, a fantasy love affair, and the tears and triumphs of being a single mother.

“The brain also has a convenient way of blocking out painful memories or trauma, until it is ready to deal with that memory. I suppose writing this journal is my way of dealing,” the author says.

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Tina Blooms was a chubby little farm girl raised in Midwestern America, where corn and soybeans were all you could see for miles. Her life was typically school and farming, church on Sundays, and listening to bluegrass music on Saturday nights. Life was hard since they relied on the weather for a good harvest.

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